First, an injured person should get all the treatment need to ensure a rapid recovery from injuries.   If you are the family member of an injured person, be sure that he or she has your full support and the everyday details of life are handled.  Here is a list of the Top 10 details which need to be handled during this difficult time:

  1. Contacting other family members who should know
  2. Arranging for child care, including pick up from school
  3. Notifying the injured person’s employer
  4. Arranging for the deposit of payroll checks
  5. Checking the status of rent/house payments
  6. Confirming mortgage, car, and utility payments are current
  7. Checking auto and health insurance policies for possible coverage
  8. Checking for the existence of “disability” insurance for car or home loans
  9. Obtaining names and phone numbers of physicians who are treating   the injured person
  10. Providing insurance information to the hospital and doctors involved

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