$2 Million Settlement in Harrisonburg Tractor Trailer Accident Case

Crash Details

The Ritchie Law Firm represented a Maryland resident who was traveling north on Interstate 81 in Harrisonburg, Virginia, after visiting a relative at James Madison University. Traffic was moderately heavy on the interstate and there were pockets of slowing traffic.  As the plaintiff entered one of those slow moving areas, he brought his vehicle to a stop.  A tractor trailer driver was not paying attention to the roadway and barreled his truck into the rear of the plaintiff’s car.  The impact of the collision forced the Maryland vehicle into a spin.  The Maryland car struck the guardrail and then came to a rest in the median.

Witnesses described that before the collision, the tractor trailer was deliberately moving from the left lane to the right lane and then back again to prevent cars from passing him.  Witnesses saw the tractor trailer approach the Maryland car at a high speed and knew that the driver was not going to be able to stop.  When the tractor trailer struck the rear of the Maryland car, the impact was so hard that the car spun around 360 degrees.  The Maryland car struck the guardrail, which acted like a rubber band, pushing the Maryland car back into the northbound lanes and preventing it from entering traffic in the southbound lanes.


The driver of the Maryland vehicle was seriously injured, suffering a head injury, numerous broken bones, and a permanent back injury.  The driver’s wife was also in the vehicle and suffered serious injuries as well.

Handling the Case

The insurance company for the tractor trailer driver did not want to accept responsibility for causing the accident (liability) at first.  The Ritchie Law Firm took the statements of many witnesses to the accident, many of whom were located out of state.  Ritchie Law also had an accident investigation done to show exactly how the accident occurred.  Our firm worked extensively with the injured person’s medical providers to create a long-term rehabilitation plan and to determine how much treatment he would need in the future.

Then, armed with the information we had gathered during the investigative phase of the case, we were able to properly evaluate the value of the case.  The case, however, did not settle without a fight.  The insurance company hired lawyers to defend the case and fought every last detail.  Our litigation team spent many long hours writing motions and legal briefs on the issues in the case to make our position at settlement stronger.  Many times, going through the process of preparing a case for trial increases the settlement value of the case.

Trial Lawyers versus Settlement Lawyers

If you are thinking about having a lawyer help you with your serious injury case, it is important that you ask him or her how many cases they have tried in front of a jury.  It is important for you to know whether you are getting a trial lawyer or a settling lawyer.

There are many large scale “settlement mills” that try to lure you in with their claims that they can “stick it to the insurance company” or that the insurance company is afraid of that particular law firm.  The truth is, though, the insurance is not afraid of any particular law firm.  The insurance company has its team of lawyers who are paid to fight tooth and nail to prevent you from getting a decent amount for your case.  If you don’t have an attorney or team of lawyers who are experienced in taking personal injury cases to trial, you might not get top value for your case.

Do your research and ask questions about your lawyer’s qualifications before you hire anyone.  Your decision could mean the difference between winning and losing your case.  The lawyer you choose does make a difference.

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