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At Ritchie Law, we empathize with and strive for the best outcomes for all of our clients.

Vehicle Accident

I was stopped waiting to make a left turn and another vehicle hit me from behind. My life, as I knew it, was over . . . life basically stopped. I was going through a difficult time and everyone around me did not understand the extent of my injuries. My first lawyer was pressuring me to settle with the insurance company. Calling the Ritchie Law Firm was the best decision I ever made. They believed in me when no one else would. I could tell that they cared about my injuries and my case. We would have liked to settle this case, but the insurance company just would not cooperate. I had to go to trial. The case was difficult and the Ritchie Law Firm did a great job. The results of the case were great .. . and I was able to proceed with the surgery that I needed in order to go on with life. The Ritchie Law Firm helped me get my life back.

Jennifer Stanovich

The truck came across the centerline and side-swiped my car. My wife and I were both injured in the accident. The Volvo was totaled. My wife needed surgery on her knee. I was suffering from post-traumatic stress as a result of the accident. It affected me far more seriously than I would have expected. I needed legal help and I went to the Ritchie Law Firm. This was a very difficult case because of complicated medical issues and the Ritchie Law Firm was able to handle the problem. They worked very hard for me. I was very satisfied with the outcome. They were a great help to my wife and I. If you’ve been injured, I recommend you call the Ritchie Law Firm.

Peter Crawford

My truck broke down along the road. I was in a panel truck, and I was in the back when another truck hit me from behind. It just threw me all around the truck. I suffered severe nerve damage in my neck. I lost feeling in the side of my body. I had to have five difficult surgeries. The first law firm I had couldn’t figure out a way to work this case so they just pretty much dropped me. I contacted a number of law firms and none were willing to take my case. I’m glad I found the Ritchie Law Firm. They knew how to handle this case. They turned my life around. I couldn’t be more happy with the outcome of the case. It was more than I expected. It was great working with the Ritchie Law Firm, they are really good people. I would have no problems referring anybody to this law firm.

Patrick Hammond

Workers’ Compensation

I was at work and I had the bottom of my foot cut off. I had seven-foot surgeries. I worked for my employer for ten years and they just abandoned me. I was very scared. A friend of mine recommended me to call the Ritchie Law Firm. I don’t know what I would have done without the law firm. I really wanted to work but I couldn’t. The Ritchie Law Firm got me my workers’ compensation benefits and also helped me get Social Security Disability. I would never have known about Social Security Disability without them. I am very happy with the outcome of my case . . . very happy. If you’ve been injured, call the Ritchie Law Firm.

Jose Rivera

Social Security

I applied for Social Security Disability due to severe back problems. Two doctors told me I could not work and they still turned me down. It was frustrating. I couldn’t believe it. The Ritchie Law Firm helped us. They were wonderful. They answered every question and got the disability (benefits). Receiving the disability that the law firm helped us get has made a big difference in my life. I just feel like they are family because they care . . . they truly, truly care. When you get turned down the first time, that’s not it. There is hope. Don’t give up. Don’t take no for an answer. There is nothing you can’t get done if you talk to the right people to help you. Call the Ritchie Law Firm.

Glenna Ibarra

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