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Motorcycle riding can be glorious! The feel of the open road with the wind blowing against you can be exhilarating for motorcycle riders. But, when there is nothing but the wheels of your bike between motorcycle riders and the road, exhilarating can turn to serious injuries fast when there is a motorcycle accident. When do you need a motorcycle accident lawyer and can you handle a motorcycle accident claim on your own? If you’ve suffered injuries as a result of motorcycle accident, read on for answers to these questions and more.

Motorcycle Accidents: Do I Need a Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

Determining whether you need a Virginia motorcycle accident attorney will often depend on whether there was a serious injury, as well as whether immediate medical attention was required and how much medical treatment was needed to heal those injuries. As a general rule, anyone who has been involved in a motorcycle accident should at least consult with a motorcycle accident lawyer to have all of their questions answered and make certain they have an understanding of personal injury law, as well as how to handle the insurance company. Obviously, the more seriously the injured riders were impacted by the motorcycle accident, the more likely it is that they will need a motorcycle accident lawyer.

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Why Will I Need a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

Most times, motorcycle accident victims will need a lawyer to handle motorcycle accident insurance claim because insurance companies are not in business to pay out motorcycle accident claims. Simply put, insurance companies are in business to make money. This means they will try to deny claims for motorcycle accidents to save the company money. They will likely also try to short change the injured victim of a motorcycle accident by refusing to pay for medical bills and lost wages to save the company money.

REMEMBER THIS — The insurance company is NOT on your side! Take anything the insurance company says with a grain of salt. Think of it this way, every penny the insurance company pays you for your motorcycle accident will increase the amount the insurance adjuster has paid out and decrease the company’s profits. So, obviously, the insurance company is going to try to shortchange you on any settlement. Why wouldn’t they?

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Not surprisingly, the most common motorcycle injuries are usually severe skin abrasions and road rash caused by the roadway or loose gravel. This is obviously because the motorcycle offers virtually no protection to the body of the motorcycle driver and there isn’t a metal compartment to protect motorcycle riders, like there is in motor vehicles. The most common injuries that tend to be more severe are often brain injuries or traumatic brain injuries, especially if the accident victims didn’t wear helmets or other protective gear. Unfortunately, in some instances, head injuries from a motorcycle crash can lead to motorcycle accident fatalities.

In addition to traumatic brain injuries, a motorcycle accident can cause other serious, permanent injuries such as:

  • Permanent bone or skeletal injuries, caused by compound (or other) fractures requiring surgery
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Internal injuries such as damage to organs or ruptured blood vessels
  • Permanent eye injuries
  • Teeth/mouth injuries requiring oral surgery
  • Facial injuries requiring reconstructive surgery
  • Speech impediments and memory loss caused by traumatic brain injury
  • Emotional and psychological trauma

If you have suffered any of these injuries in a motorcycle accident, you will want to talk with a law firm with a team of Virginia motorcycle accident attorneys as soon as you are able. You will need help with ensuring you are getting the right medical treatment, handling medical bill collectors, handling the insurance adjuster, and making certain that your motorcycle accident case is progressing toward a favorable resolution.

Reasons You Need a Virginia Motorcycle Accident Attorney

A motorcycle accident lawyer who has the expertise and knowledge to handle a complex motorcycle accident case will put you on track to receive the financial compensation you need to recover from your motorcycle wreck. Don’t be mislead! Motorcycle accidents are not the same as accidents involving passenger vehicles or any other motor vehicle.

Often motorcycle accidents require more investigation, require witness statements, and usually involve more serious injuries requiring a thorough and detailed review of medical records. A skilled motorcycle accident lawyer is a must to ensuring that you get the full and fair compensation you need for your injuries, lost wages, medical bills, and other losses you incurred as a result of negligent drivers. An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can make all the difference to winning or losing your motorcycle crash case.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

How to choose a motorcycle accident lawyer? It can be confusing! There are many lawyers who say that they handle motorcycle accidents. But, just saying you handle motorcycle accident cases and actually being qualified to do so are two different things. It’s important to remember that the lawyer you choose can make all the difference between winning or losing your motorcycle accident lawsuit.

Important questions to ask a Virginia motorcycle accident lawyer:

  • Has the lawyer ever handled a motorcycle accident before?
  • Has the lawyer ever investigated a motorcycle collision by taking photos, measuring skid marks, interviewing witnesses, etc?
  • Does the attorney have experience interviewing law enforcement officers to obtain all information needed for cases involving motorcycle crashes?
  • Does the lawyer know how to get a police report corrected, if necessary, in the instance there is incorrect information?
  • Does the lawyer know how to get your medical expenses paid or put on hold until after the case is resolved?
  • Has the lawyer ever tried a motorcycle accident case in court before a jury?
  • Is the lawyer a board certified motorcycle accident lawyer by the National Board of Trial Lawyers?

It’s important to remember that the motorcycle accident lawyer you choose will definitely make a difference in the outcome of your case. Motorcycle operators want an experienced motorcycle accident personal injury lawyer, who is not afraid to fight to get you the compensation you deserve for your personal injury claim.

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