Car Crashes: More Dangerous For Women

Consumer Reports is reporting that today’s automobiles are less safe for women than for their male counterparts.  A study out of the University of Virginia shows that seat-belted women are 73% more likely to be seriously injured in a car crash than men.  This is mostly because test dummies are mostly made to resemble the average adult male. The terrible truth about car crashes is that today’s vehicles are less safe for women, which means that car crashes are more dangerous for women.

Even though most injuries or deaths in car accidents involve males, women are actually at greater risk of injury or death when a crash happens.  The high injury and death rates for males occurs because men typically drive more than women and engage in risky driving behaviors more than women.  But, a study out of the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration shows that a female driver or front seat passenger is 17% more likely to be killed car wreck.  These statistics clearly show that, unfortunately, car crashes are more dangerous for women.

How Cars Hurt Women

Legs — 79.7% higher risk of injury to women than men

Arms — 58.2% higher risk of injury to women

Neck — 44.7% higher risk of injury to women

Abdomen — 38.5% higher risk of injury to women

Chest — 26.4% higher risk of injury to women

The Terrible Truth About Auto Makers

The terrible truth is that automobile designers and manufacturers have known for decades that men’s and women’s bodies react differently in car crashes.  Yet, most of today’s auto safety policy and research is designed to address the body of the average adult male.

Today’s female is on average 5.4 inches shorter and 27 pounds lighter than the average man.  Because of this, women often sit closer to the steering wheel or wear their seat belts differently than men.

Additionally, research has shown that men’s necks are designed to better withstand impacts and forces that bend them.  As a result, women are 3 times more likely to suffer whiplash than are men. Even though researchers know this information, seats that are designed to prevent whiplash are less likely to help female drivers and passengers than men.

Toyota and Volvo are currently using a seat and head restraint system to absorb more energy from a crash.  This new design has been shown to protect females (and males as well) from devastating neck injuries in a rear-end crash.  Even though this new design is available and in use by several manufacturers, most of the auto manufacturers use a design which only involves reducing the movement of the head in a crash.  This design is very effective for men, but has been shown to have no benefit for women.  Because cars are not built for female body types, car crashes are more dangerous for women.

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