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Motorcycles offer people an enjoyable hobby and escape on the open road, and recent years have seen a significant increase in motorcyclists on the road. Most motorcyclists know how to stay safe on the road, but the negligence of other vehicle operators poses the greatest threat to motorcyclists and these accidents can cause some of the most severe injuries. Research shows that the majority of motorcycle crashes are not the fault of the motorcyclist, but of other motorists. Being aware of other drivers is an imperative part of driving a motorcycle safely.

Our law firm specializes in vehicle accident injuries of all kinds, including motorcycle injuries. We want to help injured individuals and their families get the compensation they need in order to get on the road to recovery. We offer free case consultations so you can discuss your case with a motorcycle injury attorney and find out how you can move forward with your case.

The dangers to motorcycle riders are not the same across Virginia. The dangers present around Harrisonburg include rural roads with sharp curves or harsh weather conditions depending on the time of year and the busy Interstate 81 with high tractor-trailer traffic. Read our article Virginia Motorcycle Accidents Are More Deadly Than Car Accidents

How can an Attorney Help Me on My Motorcycle Injury Case?

There are so many direct and indirect costs related to an injury, and injured individuals often find it hard to get the compensation they need, especially when representing themselves. The attorneys at our firm have years of experience representing those injured in motorcycle accidents and getting compensation for medical bills, as well as other costs to you from your injury. We have access to the top experts, including accident reconstructionists and medical experts. By working with these individuals, our attorneys have established a successful track record of results in recovering compensation for injured motorcyclists.

Common Injury Costs That May be Covered in a Motorcycle Accident Case

Medical expenses

One of the highest costs of an injury. Right after an accident victims are hit with a massive amount of medical bills, and they will likely have ongoing medical costs to cover.

Lost wages past and future

Being out of work puts such a strain on individuals and their families and can leave them in tough financial situations.

Impaired earning capacity

Whether the injury was physical or mental there can be continued impairments to their work abilities and even decrease their future earning possibilities, again putting them in a financial strain because of an accident.

Pain and suffering

This aspect of a claim has some qualifying requirements that clients will want to discuss with their attorney.

Punitive damages

Assessed in order to punish the defendant for outrageous conduct or to deter the defendant and others from engaging in similar conduct. This is another aspect that you will have to discuss with your attorney to determine if it could apply to your case.

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Our Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorneys

Roger Ritchie

Roger’s family has always been heavily involved in the construction industry.  Roger, himself, has spent time working on construction sites.  He’s seen first-hand how work injuries can change a worker’s life in an instant.  Having tried hundreds of workers’ compensation cases at the hearing level, Roger is highly experienced in the complex workers’ comp system.

Michael Ritchie

Michael Ritchie is an attorney at the Ritchie Law Firm with extensive experience in a wide range of injury cases. Mike’s practice has included representing individuals who have been injured by pharmaceutical drugs, dangerous products, tractor-trailer collisions, dog attacks, automobile collisions and other instances of where the carelessness of others causes serious injury.

Robert Guntharp

Bob has handled a wide array of personal injury cases ranging from the simple to the complex. These have included serious injuries involving: automobile and tractor-trailer accidents, wrongful death, brain injuries, medical malpractice, insurance coverage disputes, social security disability, and workers’ compensation claims.

John Krall

John Krall, an attorney with the Ritchie Law Firm since 1991, practices primarily in the areas of automobile/tractor trailer collisions and medical negligence. He has extensive jury trial experience and has successfully represented hundreds of seriously injured persons.

Alvaro Inigo

Throughout his career, Al has concentrated his practice on civil litigation and has acquired substantial jury trial experience in a wide variety of negligence cases. He currently focuses his practice exclusively on representing injured persons in the areas of personal injury and worker’s compensation, as well as Social Security disability matters.

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