Spring Driving Dangers You Need to Know About NOW

Spring not only brings warmer weather but also a whole host of driving dangers that you should be aware of to stay safe.  Rain and fog as well as increased pedestrian and animal activity make spring driving especially hazardous.  Spring rains frequently cause slippery road conditions and flooding.  According to the Federal Highway Administration, every year, 75% of all weather-related vehicle crashes occur on wet pavement with 47% of those occurring during rainfall. Nearly 5,700 people are killed and more than 544,700 people are injured in crashes on wet pavement annually. (https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/)

Staying Safe

To stay safe during spring driving:

1)     Replace your wiper blades.  Worn out wiper blades may not be able to clear water from your windshield properly.  Replace your wiper blades at least once per year.

2)     Check your lights.  Spring rain diminishes driving visibility, so be sure all your lights work including headlights, taillights, turn signals and brake lights.

3)     Check your tire pressure.  Winter weather and roadway potholes can deflate tires quickly.

4)     Slow down.  Spring rains can make roads very slippery when the rain mixes with leaked fluids.  Slow down and increase stopping distances when it’s raining and when you notice increased pedestrian and animal activity.

5)     NEVER drive through water over the roadway.  Unseen currents in the standing water can sweep your vehicle away and leave you in a very dangerous situation.

Driving In Fog In Virginia

Fog can be one of the most dangerous weather conditions for both experienced as well as new drivers.  Fog can reduce a driver’s visibility significantly, especially on Afton Mountain in Virginia.  It is an absolute must that drivers stay focused on the road in foggy conditions.  Here’s how to stay safe in foggy weather:

  1.     Turn your phone off.  It’s very important to have no distractions when driving in dense fog.
  2.     Turn down the radio or whatever else you might be listening to and limit conversations.
  3.     Always use your low beam headlights and never your brights.  Tiny water droplets in fog spread and reflect light back in the driver’s eyes making it very difficult to see.
  4.     If visibility is severely limited, find a safe place to park, well off the side of the road, and wait it out.


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