Work Injury? . . . First things first

If you have a work injury, the very first thing you need to do is to report your injury.  As soon as possible, give written notice to your supervisor or someone in a supervisory position.  In the notice, explain when and how the accident or occupational disease occurred.  If the employer does not have actual notice of your injury (which might be the case where your supervisor approved going to the hospital for x-rays), failure to give notice to your employer within 30 days from the date of your accident may affect your right to benefits.

If you work for a subcontractor, you should promptly give written notice of your accident to your direct employer and the general contractor.  The time limitations above also apply to notice to your statutory employer.  An example of a statutory employer would be if a general contractor is building an apartment building and you work for the brick mason, who is a subcontractor.  If your direct employer (brick mason) did not have workers’ compensation coverage, you could claim coverage through the general contractor, who is your statutory employer.

You should report all accidents even if the injury seems minor.  A small injury can develop into a serious problem.

If you have been injured as a result of a work injury, we would like to help you.  There is no charge or obligation to talk with us.  We’re paid a fee only when your claim is won and you collect.


After reporting your claim, your next task is to file a claim with the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission (VWCC).  In Virginia, workers’ compensation claims must be preserved by filing a claim with the VWCC within two years of injury or the claim will be barred.  An application can now be filed online at the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission website  (  While many workers’ compensation claims are settled without filing a claim, filing a claim may be an absolutely necessary component to protecting your rights. If you need more extensive information be sure to download our free E-Book on Worker’s Compensation  You should consult a lawyer to determine how much time you have left before the claim deadline.


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