$850,000 Recovery:
Motorcycle Accident

Our client hired the Ritchie Law Firm after a motorcycle crash.

Our client was operating his motorcycle westbound on Route 13 S in Chesapeake, Virginia, when the driver of a Ram 3500 Quad truck, pulling a landscaping trailer, failed to yield the right of way and made an improper left turn in front of him. Our client took evasive actions but was not able to avoid the crash and struck the rear quarter panel of the truck. The impact hurled our client from the motorcycle onto the pavement.

Our client suffered a right femur fracture, left orbital wall fracture, left corneal abrasion, nasal bone fracture, and wound infection Lawyers for the truck driver claimed that our client was contributorily negligent, alleging that he was exceeding the speed limit. The truck driver’s insurance company settled the case for $850,000.00 soon after our law firm filed a lawsuit.

Motorcycle Accident Law Firm

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