The Ritchie Law Firm obtained a $2.725 million dollar settlement for a West Virginia resident who suffered a brain injury as a result of an automobile accident. The accident occurred on October 12, 2004 in Harrisonburg, Virginia. As the plaintiff was stopped for traffic at a traffic light, her vehicle was struck in the rear by another automobile. The plaintiff and other driver exited their vehicles and stood on an adjacent sidewalk to await the arrival of the police. While waiting for the police, a water truck owned by the City of Harrisonburg, fully loaded with water, failed to slow for the accident and struck one of the parked vehicles. The force of the impact pushed the parked vehicle up onto the sidewalk and into the plaintiff.

The plaintiff was transported to Rockingham Memorial Hospital Emergency Room by ambulance. She was then transported by air transport to the University of Virginia where she received speech and occupational therapy. The plaintiff suffered permanent, traumatic brain injuries with subdural hematoma as well as two fractured ankles and three fractured ribs.