Virginia Workers’ Compensation Benefits After

A Ladder Fall

In many industries, ladders are a commonly used tool, but they can be dangerous if they’re not used properly.  You may be entitled to Virginia workers’ compensation benefits after a ladder fall.  Your eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits may depend on the following:

  • if your employer carries workers’ compensation insurance
  • how many employees are employed
  • if there were any obvious safety violations
  • did horseplay have any role in your fall

Ladder Falls in the Construction Industry

In 2014, the Bureau of Labor Statistics conducted a study showing that the construction industry experienced the highest number of fall-related deaths.  In fact, nearly 81% of all falls in the construction industry involve ladders.

Due to the high number of falls from ladders, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has declared ladder falls a substantial public health burden.  The CDC has also stated that ladder falls are a leading cause of preventable injuries to workers.

Because of these statistics, OSHA requires employers to take ladder safety seriously.

How Can Ladder Falls Be Prevented?

Employers can decrease the number of ladder falls among their employees by taking some of these measures:

  • Providing and requiring ladder safety training
  • Instructing employees to use ladders only on level surfaces
  • Providing harnesses and helmets and requiring employees to use them
  • Using aerial lifts instead of ladders when possible

Virginia Workers’ Compensation Injuries Caused by Ladder Falls

Injuries caused by falls from ladders can be devastating.  When workers fall from great heights, they can sustain injuries such as:

  • broken bones
  • brain trauma
  • spinal cord damage
  • internal organ damage
  • other permanent injuries

Workers’ Compensation Benefits In Work-Related Ladder Falls

Falls from ladders can cause catastrophic injuries and medical bills that are through the roof.  Bills for hospital care, doctor’s visits, therapy, and medications can set your family back if they aren’t covered by workers’ comp.

The good news is that Virginia Workers’ Compensation provides the following for injured workers:

  • lifetime medical benefits
  • reduced payment for lost time from work
  • retraining for accommodated employment if necessary
  • possible recovery for future lost wages and future medical expenses

However, Virginia workers’ compensation doesn’t provide coverage for pain and suffering.

Falls Caused By Defective Ladders

When a defective ladder is the cause of a work-related fall, you still may be entitled to Virginia workers’ comp benefits.  But, a lawyer who specializes in both Virginia workers’ compensation and products liability cases may be able to obtain a recovery for you in both types of cases.

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