Will Car Accident Photos Help My Personal Injury Case?

Car accidents can have devastating effects on the lives of those impacted by the crash.  Concerns about mounting medical bills and getting the treatment you need to recover are usually at the top of your list of priorities.  You may not give much thought to how car accident photos will help in a personal injury case.

But, if you or a loved one are involved in an accident, it’s important that someone get pictures of the scene of the accident as well as your wrecked car.  Below is a list of important pictures to take at an accident scene:

  • Damage to vehicles
  • Skid marks
  • Debris in the roadway
  • Traffic lights, nearby signs, controlled intersections
  • Traffic cameras
  • Weather conditions
  • Injuries

You might find it helpful to have a copy of this list somewhere on your phone.

Car accident photos are important because they can:

  • Show the extent of vehicle damage
  • Help prove your injuries
  • Help prove the cause of the crash
  • Help to identify witnesses

Car Accident Photos Show Extent of Vehicle Damage

Sometimes, an at-fault driver who causes an accident may claim that they didn’t cause any damage to your vehicle.  You can use pictures taken at the scene of the accident to prove the damage caused to your car, as well as its value for recovering property damage.

Car Accident Photos Help Prove Your Injuries

Showing the damage to your car caused by an accident may be important to help prove how hard the impact was.  Photos that show significant amounts of damage may help support your injury claim and explain why you suffered certain injuries.

Auto insurance companies like to discount the value of personal injury claims.  Photos of car accident damage may help to prove your injuries and increase the value of your claim.

Car Accident Photos Help Prove the Cause of the Crash

In situations where it is not clear which driver was at fault, photos may help prove the cause of the crash.  For example, in situations of a left turn accident, pictures that show the location of the cars at the time of the collision can help prove who was at fault.

Other valuable evidence that can be preserved through photos includes pictures of skid marks, debris in the roadway, or the location of obstructions such as shrubbery and trees.

Car Accident Photos Help Identify Witnesses

Frequently, witnesses to car accidents are reluctant to testify in court and will say that they didn’t see the accident.  Having a photo of a witness present at the scene can help to prove that witnesses may know more than they let on.

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