Workers’ Compensation From Amazon

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the United States.  The appeal of Amazon is the ease of home bound ordering and quick delivery of its products.  But, in many instances, Amazon’s speedy delivery comes at a very high human cost.

Amazon’s High Incident Rate

Some reports show that the rate of serious injury at Amazon warehouses is substantially higher than for similar warehouses across the country.  The reason for the high numbers of injuries is often linked to the high demands and production quotas placed on Amazon employees.  As a result, sometimes the safety of the employee is put on the back burner so that orders can be processed quickly.

Amazon’s system to get orders out quickly works so well, in large part, because of their automation and use of robots to help with the process.  But, in addition to the robots, Amazon relies on human workers to maintain and repair the robots as well as do jobs the robots can’t do.  Unfortunately, sometimes workers are not repaired as quickly as robots when accidents and injuries happen.  When workers have to handle an item every so many seconds, their bodies tend to wear out.

In addition to the fast pace at Amazon, when you add on mandatory overtime and frequent 12 hour shifts, you are looking at a recipe for disaster.

What is Amazon’s response to the high number of incidents?

Amazon’s response to the high number of injuries at its warehouses is that the company strives to accurately report all of its incidents, whereas other companies do not accurately report.  But, there federal regulations about how to properly county injuries.  All companies are required to follow these regulations. So, as a result of the regulations that apply to everyone, Amazon’s high incident rates may be out of line in comparison to similar warehouse operations.

What do employment Experts Say?

Concerning Amazon’s high numbers, David MIchaels, the former head of the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, now a Professor at George Washington University’s public health school, stated “according to Amazon’s own records, the risk of work injuries at fulfillment centers is alarmingly, unacceptably high.”

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