Augusta County Is Reducing The Amount They Pay Their Injured Employees

According to The News Virginian, the Augusta County Board of Supervisors recently voted to approve an update to Augusta County’s current workers’ compensation policy.  Previously, the County had been paying its injured workers 100% of their lost wages with Augusta County’s workers’ comp administrator, VACorp, reimbursing the County for 66 1/2% of the cost.

The Law

The Virginia law that regulates the payment of injured workers is Va. Code 65.2-500, which states “when incapacity from work resulting from the injury is total, the employer shall pay, or cause to be paid, as hereinafter provided, to the injured employee during such total incapacity, a weekly compensation equal to 66 1/2% of his average weekly wages . . . ”

Effect of the New Policy

The new policy, however, will allow VACorp to pay injured Augusta County employees 66 1/2% of their average weekly wage, which is the amount required by Virginia law.  Augusta County cites a monetary savings on claims as well as having an easier time bringing employees back to work after an injury as reason for the change.

In addition to these reasons, there are also other good reasons for abandoning the former 100% reimbursement policy for lost wages.  One of the purposes for the 66 1/2% payment based on an employee’s average weekly wage is that the workers’ compensation payment is not taxed.  So, the reduced payment is intended to reflect the approximate amount the employee would receive after taxes at full wage. However, when an employee is paying 100% of the lost wage, questions may arise about if and how that wage is to be taxed.  Additional concerns relate to employees who also receive Social Security Disability benefits as well as workers’ compensation.  With the 100% payment of lost wages, Social Security may be entitled to a reimbursement of benefits paid out to the injured worker.

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