Heavy Industry Work Accidents and Injuries

Injuries on the job in steel, oil drilling, mining, and shipbuilding, and other heavy industries

Heavy industry workers are particularly vulnerable to accidents on the job.  Heavy industries can include steel workers, oil drilling, mining, and shipbuilding, as well as many others. Many times, when a heavy industry worker has an accident, the injuries can be catastrophic.  How do heavy industry accidents compare to injuries in other occupations?

Recently, there have been reports of numerous heavy industry accidents in the area, including an accident on Park Center Drive in Winchester on March 17, 2021, where a worker had been working in a holding tank, when an agitator inside the tank was turned on.  The employee, who had been on a ladder at the time, was knocked to the floor of the tank.  Crews quickly cut a hole in the tank so the worker could be removed.  The employee suffered serious injuries but is in stable condition.

With the Shenandoah Valley’s focus on industry, heavy industry accidents are common in our area.  When heavy industrial accidents occur in factories, on building sites, in shipyards or on the railroad, their consequences can be devastating.  Mechanical malfunction or human error are frequently primary causes of heavy industry accidents.

Workers’ comp in the heavy industry sector works much the same as for other sectors, except the injuries are often more severe.  In heavy industry, the person injured must have been an employee and the accident must have occurred while he or she was working.  Usually, for heavy industry workers’ comp accidents, the accident happens while the employee is engaged in carrying out his job duties.  This is an important component for Virginia workers’ compensation.

As with any workers’ compensation claim, for an injury in heavy industry it is important to:

  • Get communication from employers in writing on company letterhead.  If your employer tells you that they will give you a job with certain restrictions, where you won’t have to perform certain heavier duties, it is helpful to get that offer in writing on company letterhead.  Many times, we see that employers will make an offer of light-duty work but then demand that the worker do the heavier duties anyway.
  • Get work restrictions from your doctor in writing.  If you doctor says you must work light-duty and gives you restrictions, ask him or her to put those restrictions in writing.  Frequently, we see there can be a disconnect between what the doctor says and what we as patients hear.  Or, we also see problems with the doctor forgetting the restrictions he or she recommended.  Having the restrictions communicated in writing is the best bet to prevent any miscommunication.

Talk To An Experienced Virginia Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you have questions about how to describe your heavy industry work accident or any other questions about your Virginia Workers’ Comp claim, it is wise to contact a lawyer for some advice.

If you’ve been injured on the job, it is helpful to talk to a lawyer who is experienced in workers’ compensation claims. At the Ritchie Law Firm, you can talk to us for FREE . . . NO STRINGS ATTACHED! We can give you advice on your claim before you make a decision that could damage your case. Check out our article on “How Much Does a Workers’ Comp Lawyer Cost” here.

At the Ritchie Law Firm, we have successfully handled thousands of workers’ compensation claims. We’ve seen injured workers who have trusted the insurance adjuster only to find out that their time to file the paperwork to protect their claim had expired.

Virginia Workers’ compensation is a complex system that can be very difficult to navigate. Be very careful to make certain that your rights are protected before you sign anything. Talking to our workers’ comp lawyers about your claim is free. If we take your case, we don’t get a fee unless we win your case. There is no risk to you to get some information about your case before you make any decision that might negatively affect its outcome.

For nearly half a century, the Ritchie Law Firm has successfully helped thousands of injured workers navigate the complex workers’ compensation process. The Ritchie Law Firm specializes in serving injury victims. We never represent insurance companies or corporations. If your workers’ compensation case is going to hearing, you will want a trial expert on your side. We are board certified trial specialists through the National Board of Trial Advocacy. The attorney you choose for your workers’ compensation case can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. Choose wisely. . . you can talk to us for free. Call today 800-277-6124 or fill out the form below. Ritchie Law Firm is a personal injury law firm devoted to helping individuals who have suffered serious injuries as a result of a job injury.

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