Most Dangerous Roads In Augusta County

This article focuses on crash statistics from Augusta County, Virginia, to reveal the most dangerous roads in Augusta County.

Augusta Co. Most Dangerous Roads — 2017 Crashes

In 2017, there were a total of 1,255 car crashes in Augusta County.  Of those crashes, more than a third resulted in injuries, with an additional 16 fatalities.  According to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, a few of the most dangerous roads in Augusta County in 2017 included:

Interstate 81 — 89 crashes involving injuries with 3 fatalities

Interstate 64 — 29 crashes involving injuries

Lee Jackson Highway (Route 11) — 26 crashes involving injuries with 1 fatality

Jefferson Highway (Route 250) — 19 crashes involving injuries

Stuarts Draft Highway (Route 340) — 16 crashes involving injuries with 1 fatality

East Side Highway — 15 crashes involving injuries with 2 fatalities

Parkersburg Turnpike — 7 crashes involving injuries with 1 fatality

VA 262 (Woodrow Wilson Parkway) — 6 crashes involving injuries with 2 fatalities

In addition to these roadways, fatalities also occurred on Rockfish Road, Scenic Highway (2), Tinkling Spring Road, and Hankey Mountain Highway.  Apart from the reported injuries, there were numerous crashes involving property damage in 2017 with Interstate 81, Hermitage Road, and Stuarts Draft Highway appearing to have some of the highest occurrences.

2018 Crashes — Augusta County

In 2018, the roads that saw the most crashes resulting in injury included the usual players along with one or two other additions.  In all there were 1,264 crashes in 2018 with 11 fatalities.  Of those crashes, 374 of them involved injuries:

Interstate 81 — 97 injuries with 2 fatalities

Interstate 64 — 27 injuries

Lee Jackson Highway (Route 11) — 19 injuries

Stuarts Draft Highway (Route 340) — 18 injuries with 1 fatality

Jefferson Highway (Route 250) — 15 injuries

Little Calf Pasture Road — 11 injuries with 1 fatality

Hermitage Road — 11 injuries with 1 fatality

In 2018, besides those listed above, there were additional fatal crashes which occurred on Laurel Hill Road, Mount Torrey Road, Old Providence Road, River Bend Road, Stover School Road, and VA-262 (Woodrow Wilson Pky).

2019 Crashes — Augusta County

For 2019, Augusta County reported 1,225 total crashes with 13 fatalities.  These crashes were reported in the following areas:

Interstate 81 — 67 injuries with 3 fatalities

Lee Jackson Hwy (Route 11) — 37 injuries with 3 fatalities

Jefferson Hwy (Route 250) — 26 crashes involving injuries

Interstate 64 — 23 injuries

Hermitage Road — 19 injuries with 1 fatality

East Side Hwy — 17 injuries with 1 fatality

Stuarts Draft Hwy — 13 injuries

Scenic Hwy — 10 injuries

In 2019, an additional fatalities occurred on Blue Ridge Parkway, Estaline Valley Road, Jennings Gap Road, Little Calf Pasture Road, and White Hill Road.

The Biggest Losers?

For the years 2017-2019, the roads in Augusta County with the most crashes involving injury were Interstate 81 (not surprising), Interstate 64, Lee Jackson Highway (Route 11), Jefferson Highway (Route 250), Stuarts Draft Highway, Hermitage Road, and East Side Highway.  Obviously, these roads can be very dangerous. Please use extra caution when traveling these roadways!

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