Social Security Disability Attorney: Should You Hire One?

If you are seeking Social Security disability benefits, hiring a Social Security lawyer is a wise move. Navigating the Social Security Administration (SSA) disability claims process often leaves applicants frustrated and without the benefits they deserve. From the initial application to an appeal at the federal court level, listed below are a few ways that disability lawyers make a positive difference in the outcome of he disability application process.

Do You Need a Lawyer to Win Disability Benefits?

Social Security lawyers know that most applications for Social Security disability benefits are denied at the initial claims stage. By ensuring applications meet or exceed all of the SSA requirements, experienced disability lawyers boost their clients’ chances of success at the initial application level. An experienced disability attorney will make certain that all of the important medical records from your doctors are submitted to the Social Security Administration and will follow up with your doctors if additional information is needed. Your disability attorney will also make certain that any appeal that needs to be filed is filed before the deadline.

Social Security cases can be difficult to win. On average, only about 40% of disability applicants win benefits. That is why it’s so important to have someone like a disability attorney on your side to make sure your case is presented in the best possible light.

Appearing Before the Administrative Law Judge: How a Lawyer Can Help

Having an experienced Social Security lawyer representing you at the claims, reconsideration, or appeals levels make the process run more smoothly.  Many people who handle their Social Security disability cases on their own make mistakes during the process. A knowledgeable and detailed lawyer eliminates delays due to incomplete or poorly worded applications, insufficient documentation in medical records, and technical issues that can cause denials of claims.

Effective disability lawyers are vigorous advocates for their clients at hearings. Skilled Social Security disability (SSD) lawyers prepare and submit proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law for the administrative law judges assigned to their cases. The SSD attorney will also be by your side at the hearing with the judge and will ask the important questions and make sure all necessary evidence is introduced. All of these things work in your favor to help judges to render favorable decisions.

Appeals to Federal Court

The appeals process from the Social Security Administration to the U.S. District Court can be daunting. If you are not successful appealing a denial through the Social Security Administration and must go to federal court to continue pursuing your claim, you will want to hire an attorney to assist with the appeal. The problem is, if you have waited until this point in the process to hire an attorney, your case has already been built and there may not be anything a disability lawyer can do to win your case.

Social Security Disability Attorney: No Upfront Attorney Fee Payments

Social Security disability benefits lawyers take cases on a contingent fee basis, which means clients do not pay attorney fees until the clients receive benefits awards. The disability lawyers bear the financial risk instead of the clients. Most disability attorneys offer a free case evaluation for those who believe they may be disabled from working due to a medical condition or psychological illness. A disability attorney may also offer a free consultation to allow the disability applicant to ask questions about their claim and the process.

Social Security disability lawyer

Your Social Security Disability Attorney Team: Ritchie Law Firm

Your team of Social Security disability attorneys at the Ritchie Law Firm have more than 50 years experience handling Social Security disability claims.

If you want to apply for Social Security disability benefits, or if your application was denied, get help from the skilled Social Security lawyers at Ritchie Law Firm, PLC. The experienced and compassionate disability and injury lawyers represent clients throughout the area from their offices in Harrisonburg, Winchester, Staunton and Charlottesville, Virginia, and Martinsburg, West Virginia.

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