The 5 Most Dangerous Highways in Virginia:  Avoid these if You Can

If you’re planning on driving in Virginia anytime soon, you’ll want to be aware of the highways with the most accidents. According to recent data, these are the stretches of road where you’re most likely to end up in a wreck. So, if you can avoid them, it might be wise to do so. Keep reading for more info on which highways to avoid and what steps you can take to stay safe while driving in Virginia.

Virginia Highways:  Interstate 95

Interstate 95 is Virginia’s longest highway, and it’s also one of the most dangerous. I-95 runs north to south beginning in Maine and continuing all the way along the east coast to Miami, Florida. I-95 in Virginia touches some of Virginia’s most heavily populated cities and counties, including Prince George County, Spotsylvania County, Prince William County, Fairfax County, and the greater metropolitan Richmond area. In 2022, there were more than 3,000 accidents on I-95 in these areas with Fairfax County being the highest at 1,055, Prince William County at 939, the greater Richmond metro area with 685 crashes, Spotsylvania County at 272, and Prince George County with 80. So, if you’re driving on this highway, be extra cautious and be prepared for the possibility of an accident.

Virginia Highways:  Interstate 81

Interstate 81 is another highway with a high number of accidents. In 2017, there were more than 700 accidents on I-81. That’s almost two per day. Because Interstate 81 runs north to south, it is heavily trafficked by tractor trailers traveling the eastern corridor to deliver needed goods.  One reason that tractor trailers use I-81 extensively is that the Warren County, Virginia, inland port was built to focus on increasing shipping to the Norfolk port in hopes that companies located in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland would ship to a Virginia port rather than to Baltimore. I-81runs through some of Virginia’s most rural areas, so if you do end up in an accident, it could be a while before help arrives. If you drive I-81 regularly, use extra care due to the high volume of tractor trailer and general traffic.

Virginia Highways: Interstate 66

Interstate 66 is another dangerous highway in Virginia. I-66 runs east to west, beginning in Middletown, Virginia, and ending in Washington, D.C.  Because I-66 runs through such a highly populated area, this stretch of roadway sees many accidents on a daily basis.  In fact, in 2022, there were more than 1,400 accidents on I-66 just in Fairfax County, Virginia. That’s almost 4 per day just in Fairfax County! This highway runs through some of Virginia’s most densely populated areas, so if you do end up in an accident, there will likely be a lot of traffic delays.

Virginia Highways: Interstate 64

Interstate 64 is one of the most dangerous highways in Virginia. In 2022, there were nearly 900 accidents on I-64 just in the City of Norfolk. And, unfortunately, many of these accidents resulted in serious injuries or even death. Also in 2022, there were 339 accidents on I-64 in the City of Richmond. Because Interstate 64 passes through some highly populated areas, it is no surprise that there are a significant number of accidents on this roadway. If you’re planning to drive on I-64, be extra cautious and be prepared for the possibility of an accident that may hold up traffic.

These are just a few of the most dangerous highways in Virginia. If you’re planning to drive in Virginia, be sure to avoid these highways if at all possible. And, if you must drive on them, be extra cautious and be prepared for the possibility of an accident. For more information on driving safety in Virginia, visit the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles website.

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