Helpful Information for Injured Workers

If you’ve been injured on the job, you will need to think about scheduling and attending doctors’ appointments, dealing with the insurance company, keeping your employer updated about your restrictions, and making sure that all paperwork related to your claim is completely properly and on time.  It’s almost as if you need a personal assistant to help you handle everything!  How will you keep everything straight?  Read on to get helpful information for injured workers.  These are useful tips about frequently asked questions that not everyone knows about.

  1. ALWAYS keep ALL your appointments!!  Never miss any appointment unless it is an absolute emergency!  Doctor, physical therapy, vocational rehabilitation appointments must all be attended.  If you miss appointments, you’ll definitely slow down your case.  In some situations, missing an appointment can give the insurance company a reason to cut off your benefits.
  2. Make sure you are ALWAYS working within the restrictions your doctor gives you.  Basically, this means that you are abiding by your restrictions at work, at home . . . everywhere.
  3. If your doctor puts you totally out of work, you need to be aware that payments for benefits such as health insurance, child support, 401(k) contributions, etc., will not be taken out of your check.  You will need to work with your employer to make certain that these items are covered.
  4. In Virginia, workers’ compensation does not give additional money for things like pain & suffering, mental anguish or inconvenience.
  5. Be very careful about posting on social media.  The best policy is to limit or suspend your social media posting during this time.  Insurance companies will try to use every possible bit of information against you.
  6. Whenever you visit your doctor, be certain to mention ALL body parts that seem to be affected by your work injury.  A thorough and consistent medical record is important to a successful workers’ compensation claim.
  7. This tip may be the most important! — Many family members and friends will want to give you “legal” advice about your workers’ compensation case.  Unless those friends or family members are lawyers with experience handling Virginia workers’ compensation claims, it is ALWAYS a good idea to check that advice out with an experienced lawyer. While family and friends usually have good intentions, they often lack the expertise when it comes to Virginia Workers’ Compensation claims.

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If you’ve been injured on the job, it is wise to talk to a lawyer who is experienced in workers’ compensation claims. At the Ritchie Law Firm, you can talk to us for FREE . . . NO STRINGS ATTACHED! We can give you advice on your claim before you make a decision that could damage your case. Check out our article on “How Much Does a Workers’ Comp Lawyer Cost” here.

For more than 45 years, the Ritchie Law Firm has successfully helped thousands of injured workers navigate the complex workers’ compensation process. The Ritchie Law Firm specializes in serving injury victims. We never represent insurance companies or corporations. If your workers’ compensation case is going to hearing, you will want a trial expert on your side. We are board certified trial specialists through the National Board of Trial Advocacy. The attorney you choose for your workers’ compensation case can make all the difference.

Virginia Workers’ compensation is a complex system that can be very difficult to navigate. Be very careful to make certain that your rights are protected before you sign anything. There is no cost to talk to our workers’ comp lawyers. If we take your case, we don’t get a fee unless we win your case. There is no risk to you to get some information about your case before you make any decision that might negatively affect its outcome.

Choose wisely. . . you can talk to us for FREE.

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